Role-based access control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a functional system in Cloudera Data Visualization that helps to manage user access rights. By setting permissions and privileges, RBAC ensures that only authorized users can access specific functionalities, defined by their roles in the system.

RBAC provides administrators with precise control over data and feature access, based on different user roles. Roles come with distinct sets of rights, creating a structured and secure access system. For more information, see Role privileges.

Components of RBAC:
Permissions regulate access to visuals, datasets, data connections, and system-level functions. They fall into four categories: system, role, connection, and dataset. For more information, see Permissions.
Privileges are sets of permissions of a specific type, tied to associated components. For example, a privilege may contain the permission to View visuals and dashboards on the component specifier Connection default / All datasets.
Members are a users and user groups assigned to a particular role.
Roles serve as collections of privileges, each with its associated members possessing these privileges.