Extension JS API endpoints

JavaScript module returns an object that may implement one of the endpoints: version(), supported(), settings(), disableDraw(), beforeDraw(), afterDraw(), and afterDataRequest().


This must exist, and reports on the version of the API that this object implements. Currently supported version strings is "1". This must be a string, not a number.


If this member exists, it is expected to be an object that contains a member called visualType. This member must point to a string with the type of visual supported, or an array of strings that contain the types of visuals supported.

For example,

supported: {
  visualType: "trellis-bars"
Table 1. Supported Visual Types
Visual Type Object Name
Table table
Cross Tabulation crosstab
Bars trellis-bars
Lines trellis-lines
Combo combo
Areas trellis-areas
Grouped Bars trellis-groupedbars
KPI kpi
Packed Bubbles packed-bubbles
Scatter scatter
Flow flow
Funnel funnel
Pie pie
Radial radial
Chord chord
Correlation Heatmap correlation
Correlation Flow correlation-flow
Calendar Heatmap calendar-heatmap
Map map
Interactive Map leaflet
Sparklines sparklines
External Link link
Histogram histogram
Extension extension
Field Statistics column-stats
Queries rawtable
Rich Text html
Network network
Dendrogram dendrogram
Treemap treemap
Bullet bullet
Gauge gauge
Word Cloud wordcloud
Box Plot boxplot
Timeline timeline


If a member with this name exists, it is expected to be a function that returns an array. Each array element is then expected to be an object with the following members:

settings: function() {
  return [
      id: "Column Name"
      id: "Max bar width",
      defaultValue: "50"
      id: "Color",
      defaultValue: "steelblue"
Table 2. Settings Specifications
Member Name Description Default Value Mandatory
id Column Name The ID of this setting. None Yes
displayName Column Name Name used to display this setting. Same as ID No
type String The data type of the variable. Supported types include String, and boolean. String No
defaultValue "" The default value for this setting. null No


If a member with this name exists, and it is a function that returns a boolean variable set to true, we disable the drawing of the visual.


If a member with this name exists, it must be a function that executes after receiving data but before the draw event on the visual.


If a member with this name exists, it must be a function that executes after the draw event on the underlying visual.


If a member with this name exists, it must be a function that executes after creating the request object, but before the data request call. This function accepts the current request object in the arguments, adds your modifications, and returns an updated valid request object. If the function does not return a valid request object, the request is not sent, and the system returns an error.