Create a dashboard

Learn how you can create a dashboard in Cloudera Data Visualization.

  1. There are several possible starting points for creating new dashboards:
    • Click NEW DASHBOARD on the main HOME interface, in the top right corner.
    • Click Create New > Dashboard in the top right corner.
    • On the DATA interface, click the icon next to the name of a particular dataset.
    • On the Dataset Detail view for a particular dataset, click NEW DASHBOARD in the top right corner.

    The Dashboard Designer opens on an empty dashboard.

  2. Check the dataset of the dashboard In the Visuals menu of the Dashboard Designer, and change it if needed.
  3. In the Visuals menu, click NEW VISUAL to add a new visual to the dashboard.
  4. Add a title for the dashboard. Optionally, you can also add a subtitle.
  5. [Optional] You can customize Settings, Styles, and Custom Styles for the dashboard in the Dashboard Designer side menu bar.
  6. Click SAVE in the top left corner.