Understand the Data Visualization user interface

CDP Data Visualization enables you to explore data and communicate insights across the whole data lifecycle by using visual objects. The web-based user interface provides user-friendly, clear and intuitive navigation in Data Visualization.

The default CDP Data Visualization homepage contains the following main items:

Displaying Data Visualization home page
  1. The Main navigation bar offers you direct access to the following interfaces:
    • Home
    • Visuals
    • Data
    • Settings
    • Help
    • User management
  2. Get Started points to help content embedded in the tool.
  3. Statistics banner shows the number of Dashboards, Apps, Datasets, Queries and Total Views that you can access.
  4. Visuals preview area provides quick access to the existing visuals and dashboards.
  5. Homepage side menu bar offers you access to the following functions:
    • NEW DASHBOARD takes you to the Dashboard Designer interface, where you can create new dashboards and visuals.
    • NEW APP takes you to the App Designer interface, where you can build and style custom applications from existing dashboards and visuals.
    • Over the last 7 days... shows statistics on how many dashboards, apps, and datasets were created.
    • In the LEARN section, you can find the following information:
      • The Get Started link points to help content embedded in the tool.
      • The What's New in link opens a modal window showcasing new features.
      • The Documentation link opens this library.

If you need more information about the UI, see CDP Data Visualization homepage.