Admin API

CDP Data Visualization provides URL access to ArcViz server objects, such as users, groups, roles, datasets, segments, filter associations, connections, and visuals. This allows you to automate deployment operations, such as creating and managing roles, without logging into the ArcViz server console for access to command-line utilities.


When running the Admin API interface, CDP Data Visualization enforces the same security rules as when using the graphical user interface, ArcViz. For example, a user must have Manage roles and users system-level permissions to create new users or update existing users.

Admin API is CRUD

We designed the Admin API for simple object access: Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Hence, CRUD. It does not support high-level operations, such as adding tables to the dataset.

Admin API articles

  • Enabling Admin API Support
  • Admin API syntax and general usage
  • Admin API syntax parameters
  • Setting Up a Session
  • Python admin API data format and response examples
  • CURL data format and API key examples
  • Admin API demo
    • Examples
  • Data type details
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Roles
    • Segments
    • Filter Associations API
    • Workspaces