Creating filters to control optional measures

Before starting this work flow, complete the steps in Creating visuals with optional measures.
  1. In the dashboard, click the Filters tab.
  2. Click CREATE CUSTOM FILTER to create a second dashboard filter.

    This creates a new filter in the filter area of the application, and opens the Settings modal window for that filter.

  3. Click the Values tab and enter the following:
    • Under Title, enter Display Measures.
    • Under Output Parameter, enter mes. Note that this is the parameter from Creating visuals with optional measures.
    • Under Specified values, enter the following two rows:
      • Value: life_expectancy, Label: Life Expectancy
      • Value: gdp_per_capita, Label: GDP per Capita
  4. In the Settings modal window, switch to the Display Settings tab.
  5. Select Allow only one item to be selected at a time
  6. Select Include an option for 'All'.
  7. Click APPLY.
  8. Name and save the dashboard.
  9. Switch to application View mode and select World Regional Populations.
  10. Optional: In the Display Country Details filter, select Country.
  11. In the Display Measures filter, select Life Expectancy.

    Note that the table now has a new column, life_expectancy.

  12. To change the measure that appears in the visual, select GDP per Capita in the Display Measures filter.

    Note that the additional column is now titled gdp_per_capita, not life_expectancy.

    To check the parameters of the dashboard, hover the pointer over the Filter icon at the top right corner. They are:

    • dim: country
    • dim.alias: Country
    • mes: gdp_per_capita

    You can scroll down to see the mes.alias: GDP per Capita parameter.

  13. Optional: You can easily navigate between the permutations of filter outputs you create by using filter navigation controls at the top right corner.