Creating visuals with variable measures

You may choose to duplicate the dashboard that you created earlier according to the instructions in Creating visuals with variable dimensions. In this case, open the visual, and jump to Step 7 in this workflow.
  1. In the dashboard, click New Visual.
  2. Select the US County Population dataset in the Data menu.
  3. Select the Bar Chart visual type.n the Visuals menu
  4. Populate the shelves of the visual:
    • From Dimension, select and move Stname field to the X Axis shelf.
    • From Measures, select and move Tot Pop field to the Y Axis shelf.
    • On the Y Axis shelf, change the aggregation of the Tot Pop field from sum(Tot Pop) to avg(Tot Pop): select Tot Pop field, chose the Aggregates menu, and change the aggregate from Sum to Average.

    • On the Y Axis shelf, click Tot Pop, and under the FIELD PROPERTIES menu select Order, and choose Ascending.
  5. Click REFRESH VISUAL to see the basic set up of the bar chart.
  6. On the Y Axis shelf, click the sum(Tot Pop) field.
  7. In the FIELD PROPERTIES menu, select [ ] Enter/Edit Expression.
  8. In the Enter/Edit Expression modal window, change the text to the following expression: <<agg:sum([Tot Pop])>>.
  9. Click VALIDATE & SAVE.
  10. Change the name of the visual to Population by <<dim>> and <<agg>>.
    To have an informative title for the visual, you may add the parameter placeholders to it. The filters configured in Creating filters to control variable dimensions and Creating filters to control variable measures supply the required values for <<dim>> and <<agg>>.
  11. Click SAVE.