Networks: link color shelf

By default, the links of the network visual have the same thickness and length. Network visual has a data shelf called Link color that uses a specified palette to plot different link colors.

  1. Choose the appropriate palette, as described in Networks: link color menu.
  2. Add the round field to the Link Color shelf.
  3. Click the round field on the shelf to see the FIELD PROPERTIES menu.
  4. In the FIELD PROPERTIES menu, select [ ] Enter/Edit Expression.
  5. In the expression editor, specify the max() aggregation function, with an alias:
    max([Round]) as 'Round'
  6. Click VALIDATE & SAVE.
    You can see the change to the appearance of the visual:
  8. Optional: If you hover over a specific link, you can see the detail information. For example, the dark-colored links represent Round 1 games, and the lightest link in the middle is the final game, Round 6.