Managing debugging and logs site settings

In Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV), you configure job log retention on the system and enable various debugging options. This configuration is only available to users with administrative privileges.

You can set the following options:
Server Settings tab

To enable server settings, check the Enable the "Server Settings" tab within the "Activity Log" screen option.

Verbose Error Reporting
Check the Verbose Error Reporting. Display Javascript page errors on screen in app view/edit pages option.
Show Usage Info
Check the Enable the "Show Usage Info" and Ctrl-Shift-G shortcut to view page profiles within all pages option.
Page profiles views within dashboard/app view pages
Check the Additionally enable the Ctrl-Shift-G shortcut to view page profiles within dashboard/app view pages option.
Number of log entries, their retention days, and time interval for log deletion check
Max Entries
Maximum number of job log entries kept after bulk process
Check Interval
Time interval in days for log deletion checks
Max Retention Days
Maximum retention time in days for keeping old job logs