Running a data extract

Learn how to run or refresh a data extract.

After creating a data extract, you must run it as an initial 'refresh' to populate the target table and allow building a dataset or dashboard on the target table. When the original data changes, becomes stale or invalid, you can manually refresh the extracted data by running your data extract.
  1. Click DATA on the main navigation bar.
    The Data view appears, open on the Datasets tab.
  2. In the left navigation panel, select the connection where your source dataset is defined.
  3. Select the dataset of your extract.
  4. Click Data Extracts in the left navigation panel.
  5. Select the data extract you want to run/refresh.
  6. Click RUN NOW.
    A confirmation modal window appears where you have to confirm the action.
  7. Click RUN EXTRACT.

    A green success message is displayed and while the refresh is in progress, the state of the extract shows as Running. When the refresh is successfully completed, the state of the extract changes to Success.

    You can check out the extract refresh job logs on the Job Logs tab of the Jobs page. For more information, see Job log.

    You can configure extracts to be automatically refreshed, and you can define a schedule for the automatic refreshes to update the data included in the extract.

    If you set a refresh schedule for the extract to run, you can see the job logs on the Scheduled Jobs tab of the Jobs page. For more information, see Scheduled jobs.

    You can edit an existing schedule in the Edit Data Extract modal window from the Data Extracts view. For more information, see Editing a data extract. Or you can also update an existing schedule in the Manage Schedule Intervals interface. For more information, see Changing schedule intervals.