Enabling Data APIs

To enable Cloudera Data Visualization Data API, update the configuration settings and restart the Cloudera Data Visualization instance.

Before invoking the platform-name Data API, you must first enable it in the configuration file of the Web Server and obtain an API key.

If you want to access the API outside of CML or CDSW jobs or sessions, you have to enable Enable Unauthenticated Access for the application. For more information and instructions, see the Public Applications section in Securing Applications.

  1. Click the Gear icon on the main navigation bar to open the Administration menu and select Site Settings.
  2. Select Advanced Settings from the left navigation and scroll down to the Advanced Site Settings section.
  3. Add the ENABLE_API_KEYS and DATA_API_ENABLED settings.
    ENABLE_API_KEYS = True  # If you plan to access via API keys
  4. Save your changes and restart the Cloudera Data Visualization service.