Sorting site-wide custom styles

Cloudera Data Visualization enables you to sort site-wide custom styles by ID, Name, Author, Modified By, Last Updated, and Used in Visuals fields. You can sort in ascending and descending order.

To demonstrate how to sort site-wide custom styles, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Gear icon on the main navigation bar to open the Administration menu.
  2. Select Custom Styles.
  3. In the Manage Custom Styles interface, create new custom styles or use the existing styles.

    In this example, styles are sorted by the name of the custom styles.

  4. Click the Name field.

    When you hover over a field, a hand icon appears only on the fields that you can sort.

    In the following image, the Name field is sorted in ascending order and a sort icon appears next to the field.

  5. To sort the field in descending order, click the Name field again.