What's new in Data Visualization 7.2.1

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.2.1 was released on Febrruary 29, 2024 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.1

VIZ-2344, VIZ-2502

Popup and inline alerts for warnings and errors have been redesigned application-wide for improved readability, clarity, and accessibility.

VIZ-2482, VIZ-2483, VIZ-2486, VIZ-2491, VIZ-2516

Implemented application-wide performance improvements.

VIZ-2488, VIZ-2515

Functionality, UI, and performance improvements have been made to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant feature. [Technical Preview]

VIZ-2496, VIZ-2538
Improvements and fixes to the redesigned Visuals page, including the following:
  • Shared and Private workspaces are now sorted and these lists can now be collapsed for easier navigation.
  • The positions of the Public and Samples workspaces in the workspace list now reflect user permissions.
  • Selected reports are now remembered when you switch between workspaces.

Dataset fields can now be marked as 'Sensitive' using Dataset > Field Editor. Sensitive fields cannot be moved to visual shelves marked as sensitive, such as the 'Embedding Context' shelf of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant visual [Technical Preview].

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.1

VIZ-1868, VIZ-2498, VIZ-2501

Custom fixed dimensional color ranges have been disabled for combo visuals. Custom color for measure value ranges is only enabled for visuals that support it: scatter, table, map, and heatmap. To use this feature on these visuals, ensure that the Color shelf contains a field with numerical values.


Users without Manage Custom Styles privilege are no longer able to clone and modify Rich Text visuals.

VIZ-2328, VIZ-2489

Fixed a bug where enabling visual transitions for Bar visuals with fields on the color shelf resulted in an error.

VIZ-2408, VIZ-2454, VIZ-2348, VIZ-2512, VIZ-2525, VIZ-2526

Fixed critical and high package vulnerability issues identified in CDV 7.2.0.


When downloading the result of a query, the desired row limit for the CSV can now be set using the UI as expected.


Snapshot browser session lifetime values have been consolidated to align with manually configured snapshot timeouts. Additionally, user authentication errors encountered during snapshot creation are now properly surfaced.


Excel email attachment creation for crosstab visuals without data results now works as expected.


Fixed an issue where exporting a dashboard from the Visuals page resulted in corrupted JSON.


Duplicate visual titles on the same dashboard are now correctly parsed when generating Excel downloads for email jobs.


Dataset creation from SQL query now works as expected when the query closes with a semicolon.


The ‘Show Data’ preview in Dataset > Data Modal is now limited to 100 rows.


Additional controls have been added to Additional System Permissions privilege, ensuring that correct report totals by workspace are presented to those users.