Migrating visual artifacts with REST APIs

In addition to UI-enabled export and import, Cloudera Data Visualization provides REST APIs that give more flexibility in choosing what objects to migrate. While migrating artifacts using the UI allows you to directly specify export of visuals, dashboards, and apps, REST APIs enable you to specify a wider range of migratable objects.

Enable and create the relevant data API keys, both for the source and destination machines. For instructions, see Enabling API keys and Creating new API keys. The examples used in these instructions use the secret API key that appears when you generate the keys for the first time, as in Creating new API keys.
  1. Export the objects by submitting a GET request on the source machine. For instructions, see Exporting visual artifacts with REST APIs.
  2. Import the objects by submitting a POST request on the target machine. For instructions, see Importing visual artifacts with REST APIs.