What's new in Data Visualization 7.1.4

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.1.4 was released on July 27, 2023 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.1.4

Existing job owners and system admins can now change a job's owner on the Job Status page. Jobs from deleted users will have unassigned owners, and will not be able to run until the owner is changed.
Filters now have an information pop-over that provides useful information such as the dataset and data connection the filter was created from. The filter ID is also included for easier performance and query debugging.
Site Administration > Site Settings have been redesigned to make finding, using, and editing site-wide application settings easier. Users with the "Manage Site Settings" permission will see the new category view as well as a search functionality to make finding a specific control faster.
VIZ-2087 & VIZ 2099
The Manage Dashboard URL Aliases page now allows improved editing of aliases, including changing the redirect to point to a different dashboard or application.
CML connections and user permissions now sync automatically for new CDV applications running in CML. You can sync your data connections, similar to CML Data tab deployments of CDV. Additionally, CML project owners, admin, contributor, and site admin will automatically be assigned the system admin role in CDV. All other project collaborators will be visual consumers.
You can now search for a user by first or last name from the Manage Users & Groups page.
Performance improvements have been implemented to allow for faster application startup.
VIZ-2184 & VIZ-2185
Significant improvements have been made to the Activity Log > > Current Load and Activity Log > > WebServer Stats tabs, providing better and more understandable monitoring of active queries and counters.
Design changes have been implemented in the Notification Center to improve readability and fix an issue where a lengthy list of new notifications could appear longer than the modal.

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.1.4

The greater-than and less-than selectors within the Custom Colors for Measure Value Ranges settings should now display properly on all screen sizes.
Configurations for data connections to Solr instances using Knox are now available.
VIZ-1904, VIZ-1907, VIZ-1910, VIZ-2125
Fixed critical and high package vulnerability issues found in CDV 7.1.3.
The Explore Visual Types wizard for visuals with a color shelf now works as expected.
Fixed dashboard and dataset association migration.
Fixed a bug where minimum and maximum aggregates were incorrectly passed within the Histogram visual type, resulting in an unexpected error when building this visual.
Dimension color sort order is now consistently applied across all bars of a stacked bar visual, even when some columns are missing specific values.
Editing a job from the Job Status page should now work as expected.
Fixed a bug where the Dashboard Designer > Filters sidebar would occasionally display columns from the wrong dataset upon page refresh.
Success and warning alerts should now close properly.