Creating custom colors with distinct colors

In Cloudera Data Visualization, users with administrative role can define distinct color custom color palettes.

Perform these actions in the New Custom Color interface:

  1. Enter the Name of the new color.
    In this example, Leaf is used.
  2. Optional: You can add a description for the new color.
  3. In Color Scale Type, choose Distinct.
  4. For Color 1, enter a hexadecimal color code.

    In this example, #25351f is used.

  5. Click ADD MORE.
  6. For Color 2, use the color picker.

    In this example, the color #76ce1b has been picked.

  7. Optional: You can click Add More for other colors.
    In this example, the following colors have been added to the custom color Leaf:
    Color Hexadecimal Value
    Color 1 #25351f
    Color 2 #28410e
    Color 3 #476b17
    Color 4 #82b332
    Color 5 #aec551
    Color 6 #f7f05d
    Color 7 #f1c150
    Color 8 #dc8451
    Color 9 #fb5f2d
    Color 10 #e03035
    Color 11 #a10917
    Color 12 #510812
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Click the Custom Colors tab to return to the Custom Colors interface.
The new color, Leaf appears in the list of colors on the Manage Custom Colors interface. Its type is distinct, and you have an option to edit and delete it.