Admin API Syntax and General Usage

The Cloudera Data Visualization Admin API has a consistent pattern for each data type.

The Admin API has the following basic access syntax:

[http | https]:/host:port/arc/adminapi/version/data_type[/object_id][?options]

The parameters of this line are in Admin API syntax parameters.

HTTP Operations

The HTTP method specifies the following operation types:


List of an item identified through the object_id or object_name, or all items, with default summary information. The URL option 'detail=true' returns all data details.


Update: The fields in the request data update the item with matching object _id.

Create: If the URL or request data does not specify the object_id, ArcViz creates a new data item.

Validate: To verify that the connection is successful, issue the POST command two times:

  1. Issue the POST command with the validate flag set to true.
       "name": "ArcEngine Dev",
       "type": "arcengine",
       "validate": "true",
       "info": {
       "PARAMS": {
       "HOST": "localhost",
       "PORT": "21051",
       "USERNAME": "admin",
       "SETTINGS": {
  2. On success, issue the same POST command without the validate flag. This step saves the data.

Delete the specified item.

HTTP Access Through Python

While you can use all standard HTTP access methods, we recommend the python request modules approach for HTTP operations. Note the following common setup:
import json
import requests
api_url = [http|htttps]://host:port/arc/adminapi/version
login_url = [http|https]:/host:port/arc/apps/login