Importing visual artifacts with REST APIs

Make sure that the JSON file with information about exported visual artifacts is on the destination machine.
  1. Authenticate the user using the data API.
  2. Submit a POST request to the following address for a destination machine: destination_arcviz_ip/arc/migration/api/import/
    For instructions on export, see Exporting visual artifacts with REST APIs.
This is a sample Python code snippet for authenticating and submitting the POST request that imports dashboards with IDs 2115 and 2110, which were earlier saved (from a metadata perspective) as my_app.json. This file is uploaded to the Data Visualization server during the import.
import requests
headers = {'AUTHORIZATION':'apikey secret_api_key'}
payload = {'dry_run': False, "dataconnection_name":"data_connection"}
files = {'import_file': open('/Users/my_name/Downloads/my_app.json','r')}
r ='destination_arcviz_ip/arc/migration/api/import/',files=files, data=payload, headers=headers)
print r.status_code # 200 is success