Exporting visual artifacts with REST APIs

  1. Authenticate the user using the data API.
  2. Submit a GET request to the following address for a source machine: source_arcviz_ip/arc/migration/api/export/
    For instructions on import, see Importing visual artifacts with REST APIs.

This is a sample Python code snippet for authenticating and submitting the GET request that exports dashboards with IDs 2115 and 2110, and then writing the response to the my_app.json file.

export requests
headers = {'AUTHORIZATION':'apikey secret_api_key'}
payload = {'dashboards': '[2115, 2110]', 'filename': 'apitestmigration', 'dry_run':'False'}
r = requests.get('source_arcviz_ip/arc/migration/api/export/', headers=headers, params=payload)
with open('my_app.json', 'w') as f: