Networks: link width shelf

By default, the links of the network visual have the same thickness and length. Network visual has a data shelf called Link width that produces a chart with link thickness that depends on specified values.

  1. Add the Score 1 field to the Link Width shelf.
  2. Click the Score 1 field on the shelf, to see the FIELD PROPERTIES menu.
  3. In the FIELD PROPERTIES menu, select [ ] Enter/Edit Expression.
  4. In the expression editor, specify a new calculation as a max() aggregation function, with an alias:
    max(abs([Score 1] - [Score 2])) as 'Score Differential'
  5. Click VALIDATE & SAVE.
    You can see the change to the appearance of the visual:
  7. Optional: If you hover over a specific link, you can see the detail information.

    For example, compare the following two Round 1 games: