Changing currency field display format

In Cloudera Data Visualization, you can set currency display options for numerical fields across all visuals of a dataset.

Follow these steps to continue configuring a field at the dataset level for currency format. See Changing the field display format for the initial navigation steps.

  1. In the Edit Field Parameters modal window, under the Display Format tab, select Currency from the Category menu.
  2. In the Currency Symbols menu, select the appropriate currency symbol: $ (Dollar), £ (Pound), ¥ (Yen/Yuan), ₹ (Rupee), € (Euro), or ₵ (Cedi).
  3. Select the Basic Format for your records.
    You can also define and apply a custom format. Enter a valid format mask in the Customize Currency text box. For a full list of options, see Display Format Reference.
  4. Click APPLY.
  5. Click SAVE to save the changes to the dataset.
  6. To verify that the format applies to all new visuals that use the field, create a new visual by repeating the steps in Testing the Calculated Field.
The new visual displays the vertical axis numbers in currency format.