Customizing description

CDP Data Visualization provides you with an option to add a meaningful description to chart elements; this description can be viewed when hovering the pointer over the table or chart.

The following image demonstrates how you can (or cannot) customize descriptions on fields that define the following elements:

  1. axes
  2. trellis dimensions
  3. data points (suppressed by tooltip functionality)
  4. segment elements (suppressed by tooltip functionality)

By default, a field's description is identical to how it is represented on a shelf of the visual.

To set a custom description, follow these steps:

  1. Click the measure that you plan to move to open the Field Properties menu.

    In this example, we are moving calories.

  2. Under Field Properties, click to expland the Description menu.
  3. Enter the description in the large text field.
  4. Click Refresh Visual to see the changes.

    Fields that use a description have a green dot on the Description menu.

Adding a description for a Ffeld

We entered the description as follows:

Total population that matches the selected criteria.

Note the change in the description of the field, between the default and the one we just added.