Creating new schedules

Cloudera Data Visualization allows you to create custom schedules for your scheduled jobs.

To create a new schedule that can be used by one or more scheduled jobs, follow the below steps.

Additionally, you can also create custom schedule intervals when configuring new scheduled emails. These intervals are accessible on the Manage Schedule Intervals page, and can be reused for other jobs as well.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Schedule Intervals tab within the Jobs interface.

    The Create New Schedule Interval modal appears.

  3. Specify the parameters of the schedule:
    • In the Interval Name field, provide a descriptive name for the new schedule interval.
    • When selecting the date/time of the run, remember that the time format is in UTC. Local time format designation is provided for reference.
      • Choose the largest time component in the first selectable field (defaulted to year).
      • For the day of the month, select one or multiple days as needed.
      • Set the hour and minute components of the schedule in the third field, with multiple selections possible based on previous choices.
  4. Click CREATE to save the new schedule.

    A brief success message appears on your screen, confirming the creation of the new interval. The newly created interval is now visible in the Manage Schedule Intervals interface for future use.