Security model

Security in Cloudera Data Visualization means robust authentication and granular permission control. This comprehensive security approach involves various components, including role-based access control, which enables you to have precise control over data and feature access.

Administrative configuration

As an administrator, you have the authority to configure roles, privileges, and members, providing a foundation for robust security controls. For more information, see Working with user roles.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

You can manage privileges and members of a role witth the help of RBAC. Utilize RBAC to effectively manage privileges and members associated with specific roles, ensuring a tailored access control environment. For more information, see the Role-based access control documentation.

User roles for dataset control

You can leverage user roles to facilitate dataset creators and managers in sharing curated datasets within their organization. This includes the implementation of three levels of access control. For more information, see Publishing datasets.

Access control for defined data segments

You can restrict a user's access to defined data segments, ensuring a granular control mechanism. For more information, see Setting segments.

Advanced configuration options

You can further enhance security by configuring LDAP authentication. For more information, see Enabling LDAP authentication.