August 24, 2021

New CML engine:

New CDSW engine:

New features and improvements

Display formats are now applied as expected on CSV and XLS downloads when the data connection type is Impala or Arcadia.
You can drill-into your data from the context menu to discover more granular information for a particular data point by examining other dimensions of your data.
New icons have been added to the username display based on user type — an asterisk appears for admin users and a checkmark appears for LDAP/SSO-signed users.
Usability improvements have been implemented to the dashboard builder sidebar.
The full dataset name can now be viewed on hover in dashboard builder menus.
You can now save a segment from a filter definition of a visual.
Creating and editing HTML extension visuals is now easier with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and side-by-side preview.
Additional details on job parameters, including trigger conditionals and active states can now be viewed from the Job Status page.

Fixed issues

Fixed a bug where a filter’s ‘Maximum number of rows to fetch’ setting unexpectedly affected the filter limit.
Filters with a slide range selector now allow for precise selection of range values.
Dashboards with multiple filters that are linked and given app scope now properly apply across all sheets.
Fixed a bug where the relative dates timestamp filter reset upon switching between sheets of a dashboard.
Fixed a bug where the Direct Access SQL editor applied the default limit even when the user specified a different value.
Fixed a bug where changes in the Edit User modal could not be saved without retyping the current user password.