Using quick filters

In Cloudera Data Visualization, the quick date filter enables you to provide a quick selection of date ranges for visualizing your data.

These steps show you how to use the quick filters option for a date and time filter. The instructions use a calendar heatmap visual as an example.

You have created dashboard with quick filters. For instructions, see Managing custom dates and Configuring ranges on dashboard filters.
  1. Open your dashboard in Edit mode.
  2. Click the Calendar icon on the filter and select Quick filters from the menu.

    The appearance of the filter changes to show the set of custom date ranges.

  3. To use the quick filter, save the dashboard and switch to View mode.
  4. Explore how the visual display changes when you click the different filter ranges.

In these examples, you can see how the visual changes when the following filter date ranges are applied: none (all data), 3 years, and 1 quarter.