Setting system privileges

System-level privileges are key components of the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system in Data Visualization. For more information on possible permissions, see RBAC permissions.

The following steps demonstrate how to add system privileges to a role. In this example, Test Role 1 is used.

  1. On the System component line, click the Select all checkbox, the one closest the name of the System category name.

    This activates the next four checkboxes, granting the permissions for the following actions:

    • Create workspaces
    • Manage roles and users
    • Manage site settings
    • Manage custom styles
    • Manage jobs, email templates
    • View activity logs
    • Manage data connections

    To grant only some of these System permissions, deselect the ones not permitted by the new role.

  2. Click SAVE at the top of the interface to save the changes to the role.

Proceed to Setting role privileges.