Exporting an application

In CDP Data Visualization, you can export dashboards, apps, and other visual artifacts. When you export a whole app, the process captures all the dependencies, such as visuals, dashboards, datasets, and custom styles.

  1. Click VISUALS in the main navigation bar.
  2. Select the app that contains the visuals or dashboards for export.

    This updates the menus at the top, and shows the Suppmental menu.

    In this example, the Sample App is used.

  3. In the Suppmental menu across the top, click Export.

    The Export Visual Artifacts modal window appears, with a default file name of the type visuals_random-number.

  4. Optional: Change the name of the file.

    To see what visual artifacts are exported, click Show Details.

    The export file includes the definition of the app and any subgroups that it may have, the visuals and dashboards in the app, and all necessary datasets. When available, the export file also includes custom style dependencies.

  5. Click EXPORT.

    This starts the download of the export file to your default download folder. You can confirm the success of the export by finding the file on your system.

For instructions on how to import an app, see Importing an application.

For more information about the visual artifact migration utility, see Exporting and importing visual artifacts.