Creating new assets

To create a new asset, follow these steps.

  1. Click the gear icon to open the Administration menu, and select Static Assets.
  2. In the Manage Images, CSS, and JS Assets interface, click New Asset.
  3. In the New Asset interface, define the new assets:
    1. Enter the Name of the asset.

      We used company_logo.

    2. Enter the Description of the asset.
      We used Arcadia Data Logo.
    3. Under File, click Choose File and use your system interface to add the file into the system.
    4. After you add the file, CDP Data Visualization adds the correct information to the immutable fields File Type and Size.
  4. Click Save.

    The Asset information interface appears.

  5. You can change the Name and Description of the asset, and even substitute the file, using Change File. The asset also has its assigned ID.

    More interestingly, it has a clickable URL for viewing its contents. This is equivalent to the linked ID on the Manage Images, CSS, and JS Assets interface. Also, note the navigation path to the asset; in our case, it is:

    In general, the link has the following form:


    Where ID is the ID of the asset as it appears on the interface, and file_extension is one of the supported file formats: png, jpg, css, or js.