Saving a table as a logical view

Cloudera Data Visualization enables you to create logical tables.

You have a Table visual that you want to save as a logical view.
  1. In the Create a materialized table or logical view modal window, fill out these fields:
    1. Enter the Name of the new logical view. In this example, snp5_p_e is used.
    2. Choose Logical view for Type to generate updated query results every time the visualization is loaded or refreshed.
    3. Choose Parquet or Text file as Storage format.
    4. Under Create in database, choose an existing database where you want to save the table.
    5. Optional: When creating a dataset as part of this operation, select the Create a new dataset based on new table/view option, and enter the Dataset name.

    A success confirmation modal appears, with a link to the new default visual on the new dataset.

  2. Click the link to open a new default visual on the new dataset, in Edit mode.