What's new in Data Visualization 7.0.3

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.0.3 was released on September 30, 2022 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.0.3

Daterange filters can be set to default to the max date rather than a fixed date.
CSV and Excel downloads show additional information when download or view fails because of global download row or size limit.
Dataset field names no longer allow parenthesis to avoid potential issues if used in filters.
Added settings to fine-tune the appearance of the alert when a query is taking an unusually long time, and enable/disable alerts for this purpose in View mode.
Query canceling is now immediately visible for each visual as it loads.
CDW Impala and CDW Hive connections now include Client Identifier and Application Name with a default of ‘viz’. This is configurable from connection settings.
It is now possible to filter for only the rows that have NULL for a particular field value.
Improvements for the Packed Bubbles visual type, including better handling of dimensions placed on the Colors shelf and enablement of legend.
VIZ-863, VIZ-1053, VIZ-1642
Improvements for resizing visuals and dashboard width in Edit mode.
VIZ-1290, VIZ-1359, VIZ-1360
Improvements to the Crosstab visual type, including aligning the totals row, showing adjacent duplicate values, and allowing text selection in View mode.

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.0.3

VIZ-1532, VIZ-1533, VIZ-1534, VIZ-1539
Fixed critical and high package vulnerability findings in CDV 7.0.2.
VIZ-1188, VIZ-1485, VIZ-1600, VIZ-1601, VIZ-1602, VIZ-1663
Improved the dataset selector for visuals and filters in the dashboard builder:
  • The selected dataset in the filter tab now shows the correct fields and the data connections selector is always enabled.
  • The data connections on the filters tab are now alphabetically sorted.
  • All edited visuals are now listed as recent visuals in the visuals tab.
VIZ-1414, VIZ-1636
Fixed errors when downloading data as excel:
  • Excel downloads that use results from cache no longer return just the headers and one column of data.
  • Downloading fields with date display formats no longer throws an error.
Fixed a bug where renaming a column in the dataset breaks previously created dashboards using that column as a filter.
Fixed errors with editing and creating scheduled intervals in the Email form.
Fixed a bug where filtering using an in-grid and app-scope filter did not apply on the target dashboard as expected.
Search bar in “Pick a Dashboard” modal during Sheet import now works as expected.
Fixed a bug where some users reported seeing the “What’s New” modal upon each login, even after clearing the modal.
Improved auditing of visual deletion when deleting dashboards and datasets.
VIZ-1562, VIZ-1651
Cloning a visual within a dashboard now works as expected, and metadata for cloned visuals now correctly updates create_user and update_user.
VIZ-1587, VIZ-1618
Fixed a bug where editing and viewing different sheets on a dashboard resulted in unexpected sheets being loaded if the sheets had been rearranged from their initial positions.
VIZ-1388, VIZ-1593
Bug fixes for Bar and Line visual types, including fixing the appearance of labels.
VIZ-1474, VIZ-1561
Bug fixes for display formats configured within a dataset.
VIZ-1409, VIZ-1435, VIZ-1605, VIZ-1610
Bug fixes and improvements for emailing dashboards and configuring email jobs.
VIZ-918, VIZ-1294, VIZ-1619, VIZ-1624
Bug fixes and improvements for the Data Extracts technical preview feature.
Non-legacy Impala and Arcengine connections will show comment prefixes indicating the visual, dashboard, and dataset that triggered the query
If the user hasn’t dismissed the “What’s New” modal using the “Got It” button, it can appear in emailed dashboards.