Creating visuals with optional dimensions

  1. Open a new dashboard.
  2. Click New Visual.
  3. Under the =Data menu, select the World Life Expectancy dataset.
  4. Under the Visuals menu, choose the Table visual type.
  5. Populate the shelves of the visual:
    • From Dimension, select and move un_region and un_subregion fields onto the Dimension shelf.
    • From Measures, select and move population field onto the Measures shelf.
    • From Dimensions, select and move year field onto the Filters shelf.
    • On the Filters shelf, select year field, choose Pick values from a list, select 2000, and click Save.
  6. From Dimensions, select and move the country field onto the Dimension shelf.
  7. On the Dimensions shelf, click country field.
  8. In the Field Properties menu, select [ ] Enter/Edit Expression.
  9. In the Enter/Edit Expression modal window, change the text to the following expression:
    • [<<dim:>>].
    • Click Validate & Save.
  10. Click Refresh Visual.
  11. Change the name of the visual to Regional Populations.
  12. Click Save.