Upgrading Data Visualization in CDW

Learn how to upgrade your Data Visualization instance if a later version is available in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW).

CDV upgrades in CDW are centrally managed and can be initiated through the Management Console. This ensures a streamlined and controlled process for keeping your CDV deployments up to date.

You can start the upgrade manually when a new version becomes available. Once you start the upgrade, it gets completed automatically, and roll back to a previous CDV version is not supported.

Ensure that:
  • You are logged into CDP
  • You can access the environment of the Data Visualization to upgrade
  • You have DWAdmin role
  1. In Cloudera Data Warehouse, click Data Visualization in the left navigation panel.

    A list of Data Visualization instances appears. In CDP Public Cloud, if a newer version of CDV is available for any listed instance, the Upgrade option is shown in the relevant row.

  2. Find the instance from the list and click to start the upgrade.

    Alternatively, you can click the Options menu (three dots) in the row of the Data Visualization instance that you want to upgrade and click Upgrade in the pop-up menu.