Enabling admin API support

By default, admin API URL support is disabled Cloudera Data Visualization. A platform administrator can enable this support, at the level of individual data types, through site-specific settings.

  1. Open Site Settings.
  2. Scroll to Advanced Settings at the bottom of the left navigation.
  3. To enable specific data types, add them to the assignment line.
    See the example below:
    ADMIN_API_URL_LIST = ['visuals', 'datasets'] Add the data types to enable visuals and datasets.
    ADMIN_API_URL_LIST = ['visuals', 'datasets', 'connections', 'users', 'groups','roles', 'segments', 'filterassociations'] To enable all data type support, list them all in the text box.
    ADMIN_API_URL_LIST = ['*'] Use the wildcard to specify all options.
  4. Click SAVE.