Row listing

CDP Data Visualization allows you to create Row Listing visuals. Row Listing is useful when you want to display raw data in a structured format.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a Row Listing visual based on the Cereals dataset. For an overview of the shelves that specify this visual, see Shelves for row listing.
  1. Start a new visual based on the Cereals dataset.
    By default, a table visual is displayed that shows all fields in the dataset.

    For instructions, see Creating a visual.

  2. In the VISUALS menu, find and click the Row Listing icon.
    The shelves of the visual change.
  3. Populate the shelves from the available fields (Dimensions and Measures) in the DATA menu.

    Make the following selections to recreate the example Row Listing visual:

    • Under Dimensions, select ‘cereal_name’ and ‘manufacturer’ and add them to the Dimensions shelf.
    • Under Measures, select ‘calories’ and add it to the Measures shelf.

    For further information about the shelves of the visual, see Shelves for row listing.

    The updated Row Listing visual appears.
  5. At the top left corner of the Visual Builder, click SAVE.

In this example, you can see a list of different cereals together with their manufacturer and calorie information.