Defining groups for teams and access levels

  1. Create the groups of users by organizational team, and by level of required access.
    • There are three distinct access levels across the organization: Data Admins, Analysts, and Visual Consumers.
    • There are three teams: Marketing, Sales, and Operations.
    The following steps demonstrate how to create the necessary user groups in Cloudera Data Visualization.
  2. On the main navigation bar, click the Gear icon and select Users & Groups.
  3. In the Manage Users & Groups interface, click New Group.
  4. In the New Group window modal, create a new group Data_Admins.
  5. Optional: You may choose to add users to the group at this point, or do this at a later stage.
  6. Click SAVE.
  7. Repeat these steps to create additional new user groups: Analysts, Visual_Consumers, Marketing, Sales, and Operations.