Downloading dashboard sheets as PNG files

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) enables you to save the current sheet of a dashboard as a PNG file. The filename is the same as the name of the dashboard, and it has a timestamp specifying the date and time when the file is created.

This method is better than using a desktop tool because it handles images that are too long or wide to fit the screen.
  1. In the Dashboard Designer top menu bar, click the (ellipsis) icon.
  2. Click Download as..., and select Image (png) from the secondary menu.

    A Generating the requested file message appears.

  3. After the download is complete, open the default download folder on your computer.

    Data Visualization saves the current sheet to a PNG file.

    In our example, the generated filename, Example close_open issue_20190207094420, has the following components:

    • Example close_open issue

      Same name as the dashboard

    • 20190207

      Signifies the date the file is created, in YYYYMMDD format

    • 094420

      Signifies the time the file is created, in hhmmss format