Emailing a visual

CDP Data Visualization enables you to share visuals through email.

To use email, complete these prerequisites to configure the system:

  1. Find the visual you want to e-mail. Then open the visual in Edit mode.
  2. In the top menu, click the (supplemental) menu, and select Email.
  3. The Email Visualwindow modal appears. It has three options:
    • 1. Email now
    • 2. Schedule Email
    • 3. Email based on threshold
  4. Choose one of the options for sending e-mail. See instructions for them in the following topics:
    • Immediate email
    • Schedule-based email
    • Threshold-based email
  5. Optional: After creating emails, you can monitor them in the Jobs interface, review their details, rerun, cancel, and so on. See Managing jobs.

A sample email may look like this: