Previewing data table details

Learn how you can preview table details directly in the Connection Explorer interface.

To see more information about data tables in the Connection Explorer, click the row of a table. When you click a row, two tabs, Sample Data and Datasets appear below the list of tables.

Sample data

When you click a table, you can preview the table data in the Sample Data view.


When you click a table, you can check the following data in the Datasets view:
  • Title/Table
  • Created date
  • Last Updated date
  • Modified by username
  • # Visuals for a link to the dashboards and visuals based on the dataset.
You can also perform the following actions:
  • Navigate directly to the dataset interface, where you can rename the dataset, modify fields and other parameters, create joins, and so on.
  • Start a new dashboard based on the dataset.
  • Order datasets based on any of the table columns.
  • Delete datasets.