Downloading a visual as PDF file

CDP Data Visualization enables you to save a screenshot of a visual as a PDF file. The filename is the same as the name of the visual, and has a timestamp specifying the date and time when the file is created.

Before you download the visual as a PDF file, navigate to the General menu, and select the Enable "Download as PDF" option.
  1. Open a visual in Edit mode, click the (ellipsis) icon at the top of the interface and select Download as... > PDF.

    A Generating the requested file message appears. CDP Data Visualization saves the current sheet to a PDF file.

  2. After the download is complete, open the default download folder on your computer.

    In this example, the generated file name, PDF Export_20190207105249, has the following components:

    PDF Export

    Same name as the dashboard


    Shows the date the file is created, in YYYYMMDD format


    Shows the time the file is created, in hhmmss format

    CDP Data Visualization renames sheets that have names with characters not supported by the file system. For example, for the sheet Table/Visual, it generates the file as Table_Visual_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.pdf, replacing the forward-slash (ASCII #47) character with an underscore (ASCII #95) character.