Custom workspace

When you use CDP Data Visualization you work and save your visuals in a workspace. There are three types of workspaces: private, public, and custom.

Custom or shared workspaces are folders for collaborative work. They can be created by administrators or by average users if they have the Create workspaces system level permission. Custom workspaces are governed by fine-tuned access control lists (ACLs). You can configure custom workspace access as View Only, Edit, and Manage for each user or user group that you want to grant access to the custom space.

For example, if you want to share a dashboard with specific groups of users, you can set up a custom workspace that contains all information that is relevant to those users. You may have a workspace dedicated entirely to the security metrics of your online marketplace, one to the marketing branch of your organization, another one to the sales performance and inventory monitoring, and yet another one to revenues versus expenses analysis for the entire organization.