CDP Data Visualization allows you to create Timeline visuals. Timelines are graphical representations of activities/events displayed against time.

In a Timeline visual, each activity/event is represented by a bar of a time period along a suitable time scale. You need two different timestamps to define the projection of the time period. The starting point of the bar reflects the start date, the end point reflects the end date, and the length of the bar corresponds to the duration of the activity.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a Timeline visual based on the Earthquake Data January 2019 dataset. You can create simple linear representations or more complex visualizations. For an overview of the shelves that specify this visual, see Shelves for Timelines.

  1. Start a new visual based on the Earthquake Data January 2019 dataset.
    For instructions, see Creating a visual.

    By default, a table visual is displayed that shows all fields in the dataset.

  2. In the VISUALS menu, find and click the Timeline icon.
    The shelves of the visual change.
  3. Populate the shelves from the available fields (Dimensions and Measures) in the DATA menu.

    Make the following selections to recreate the example Timeline visual:

    • Add ‘time’ to the Start Time shelf.
    • Add ‘updated’ to the End Time shelf.
    • Add ‘Region’ to the Y axis.
    • Add ‘latitude’ to the Color shelf.
    • Specify ‘place’ as a label on the Labels shelf.
    • Define a filter for ‘type’. Select ‘earthquake’.
    • Define a filter for ‘longitude’. Only include earthquakes between -60° and 0°.

    For further information about the shelves of the visual, see Shelves for Timelines.

    The updated Timeline visual appears.

    Legend is on by default, and it appears on the right side of the visuals. If you want to change the legend style or remove it from the visual, see Adding and removing legend.

  5. Add the title Earthquakes between -60 and 0 longtitude.
  6. At the top left corner of the Dashboard Builder, click SAVE.

Your visual should look like the following:

Details of a particular timeline are shown in tooltips if you hoove over: