Exporting a dashboard

In Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV), you can export visuals, dashboards and other visual artifacts. You can use the export function to port these artifacts from development/testing environments to production deployments or for creating back-ups.

Exporting a dashboard from a CDV instance generates a JSON file and saves it into your download directory. You can use this file can to import the visual artifacts to a new system, and deploy them if the new environment has identical data connections.
  1. Find the dashboard you want to export. Open it either in Edit or View mode.
  2. Open the (supplemental) menu from the top menu bar and click Export.

    The Export Visual Artifacts modal window appears.

  3. Click EXPORT to confirm the export of the dashboard.

For instructions on how to import a dashboard, see Importing a dashboard.

For more information about the visual artifact migration utility, see Exporting and importing visual artifacts.