November 8, 2021

New CML engine:

New CDSW engine:

New features and improvements

Checking dataset compatibility when importing a dataset from SQL is now possible.
Including or excluding a data point from a visual now shows a confirmation message prior to visual refresh.
VIZ-680, VIZ-745, VIZ-877 and VIZ-878
Several improvements have been implemented for the Timeline visual type, including adding default x-axis formatting, easier display format selection, and the option to add a legend.
You can now use the EDIT button on the dataset field tile to streamline the dataset editing process.
When configuring custom site settings, errors encountered in the startup process are now logged and bypassed instead of blocking the startup, to allow for easier debugging.
Configuring a visual’s click behavior is now easier with new context menu options available in build mode.
Job logs can now be filtered by job type and status.

Fixed issues

Fixed a bug where only one column was shown for large tables in Sample Data inside the Connection Explorer.
VIZ-414, VIZ-862
Table fields with varchar, large, or irregular characters in comments are now parsed properly during dataset creation.
VIZ-696, VIZ-901
Other bug fixes and UI improvements.
Fixed a bug where the menu for an on-dashboard filter could appear behind the visual.
VIZ-859, VIZ-860
Fixed data connection modal bugs where multiple empty parameter rows could be added, or non-numeric values could be saved in fields where they could cause errors.
Downloaded Detail Data from a visual is now filtered as expected.
Fixed a bug where CDV instances using a MySQL metadata store could see an error while upgrading.