July 30, 2021

New CML engine: docker.repository.cloudera.com/cloudera/cdv/cmldataviz:6.3.0-b53

New CDSW engine: docker.repository.cloudera.com/cloudera/cdv/cdswdataviz:6.3.0-b53

New features

VIZ-367, VIZ-715 - Data Visualization as Machine Learning Runtime
Data Visualization is available as a Machine Learning Runtime for Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) on CDP. For more information, see the ML runtime documentation.
VIZ-619 - Natural Language Search
Natural Language Search (NLS) is now generally available. You can speed up visual creation and data analysis insights by enabling search-based data exploration. For more information, see the NLS documentation.
VIZ-639 - SSB data connection [Tech Preview]
A new data connection type is available in technical preview: you can connect to SQL Stream Builder (SSB), an integrated job management interface. SSB is a part of Cloudera Streaming Analytics powered by Apache Flink. For more information on SSB, see the Introduction to SQL Stream Builder.


Improvements have been implemented for table expansion and sorting within an expanded table column.
You can export all columns in CSV without selecting or forcing maximum column display to fit the entire column list.
If you use the default credentials to login to Data Visualization, you will be prompted to change your password at the first login.
Editing an HTML Extension visual is now easier with a larger modal.
If you use Oracle metadata connections, you can now configure to connect using a Service Name.
If you have dashboard editing permissions, you can view the clone history of a dashboard in the Usage Info menu.
VIZ-621, VIZ-623, VIZ-687
Multiple improvements have been implemented for email jobs, including the ability to configure a job to send only on the first trigger, XLS attachment options, and the ability to include a message along an embedded image sent via email.
Views are shown along with tables on PostgreSQL connections in the Connection Explorer.
If you are an admin user, you can access the Daily Usage metrics page by clicking through the view count on the Data Visualization homepage.
You can select any specific color from a color palette as the default or starting color for a visual.
Improvements have been implemented for migrations on mySQL metadata connections.

Fixed issues

Fixed a bug where the table expansion tooltip displayed HTML elements when you selected 'Send all fields as parameters'.
Refreshing an External Link visual now works as expected.
Enabling highlighting on table visuals using a Solr connection now works as expected.
Fixed a bug where the 'Download As' options were hidden under the neighboring menu.
Fixed a bug where the Direct Access SQL editor may run queries as lowercase.
Date and Time Functions on Hive connections now work as expected.
Fixed a bug where casting a field resulted in any custom expression getting overwritten.
Users may now copy the job status error text by clicking on the error icon.
Fixed a bug where crosstab download limits did not apply as expected for CSV downloads.
VIZ-673, VIZ-674
The Custom Styles page now shows dashboards and applications that use custom CSS, not just visuals.
The 'Set as Homepage' option is now visible from dashboards but not individual visuals.
Fixed a bug where sorting on a Y-trellis did not work as expected.
Fixed a bug where Custom Styles failed to load on the Manage Custom Styles page as expected.