Entering values manually

Change the display settings of a custom filter in a dashboard.

This option allows the user to select multiple values in bulk, instead of selecting them individually from a menu. For instance, you can copy multiple values from a table and paste them in a text box.

  1. In application View mode, hover over a filter that is already added to the application, until the controls appear on the top right.
  2. Click the Gear icon.

    The Settings modal window appears.

  3. In the Settings modal window, under Display Settings tab, check the following option:
    • Allow the user to add values to the filter
    • [This is on by default] Remember previous selections
  4. Click Apply.

    The Enter values link appears.

  5. Click Enter Values.

    The Set Filter Values modal appears.

  6. Enter values manually in the Enter values below: text box.
    We entered:
    • 100%_Bran
    • Almond_Delight
    • Apple_Jacks,
    • Basic_4
  7. Click Set Values.

    In the following image, notice that all the four values that we entered manually in the text box are selected.