Monitoring Data Warehouse service resources with Grafana dashboards

Grafana is visualization and analytics software that enables development of dashboards to monitor metrics data. You can access pre-built Grafana dashboards to monitor Virtual Warehouses and your compute cluster in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW).

You can view the CPU, memory, network usage, and disk input-output for each CDW node using the [***ENVIRONMENT-NAME***]-Nodes option. You can also expand the individual dashboards to see more details, as described in the following table:
Dashboard name Description Available metrics
CPU CPU utilization per node
  • Usage per node
  • Usage per user
  • Usage per system
  • Idle time
  • IO wait
Memory Memory utilization per node
  • Usage per node
  • Buffer cache
  • Page cache
  • Total, used, and available
Network Number of bytes and packets sent and received
  • Network transmitted
  • Network received
  • Network transmitted by an interface
  • Network received by an interface
Disk Disk bytes read and written
  • Bytes written
  • Bytes read
  • IO wait time

For more information about Grafana, see the link to Grafana documentation at the bottom of this page.