Setting up an Impala Virtual Warehouse

You learn how to set up a Unified Analytics Virtual Warehouse for Business Intelligence (BI), or ad-hoc querying. An Impala Virtual Warehouse can read full ACID tables in the Hive metastore, and can write insert-only ACID tables because you select the Impala engine type.

First you create a Virtual Warehouse of SQL engine type Impala, and then you enable Unified Analytics.
  • Required role: DW Admin
  1. Create a Virtual Warehouse as described in Adding a new Virtual Warehouse, selecting the Impala engine type.
  2. Select a database catalog, or accept the default.
  3. Select a size for the Virtual Warehouse.
  4. Select Enable Unified Analytics.
  5. Deselect Disable AutoSuspend if you intend to use Impala coordinator shutdown, which you enable in the next step.
    The Impala coordinator does not automatically shutdown unless the Impala executors are suspended.
  6. Configure Impala coordinator shutdown by turning on Allow Shutdown Of Coordinator and accept the default value Enabled Active-Passive in High Availability (HA).
  7. Customize other options as necessary.
  8. Click Create.