Modifying a custom resource template in CDW Private Cloud

You can modify a custom resource template from the CDW UI. When you modify a template that is associated with an instance, a new resource template is created while retaining the older template. You must manually apply the modified template to the respective Virtual Warehouse, Data Visualization, or Database Catalog instance.

If you modify a resource template associated with an instance by changing the resource values, a new version of the resource template is created. A new version is not created if you only change the name or the description. The new version of the resource template is automatically assigned to that CDW entity.

If a resource template is not associated with a CDW entity, then its older version is not displayed on the Resource Templates page.

  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as a DWAdmin.
  2. Click on the Resource Templates menu on the left navigation pane.
  3. Go to the respective component tab for which you want to modify a custom resource template. For example, IMPALA.
  4. Click Actions corresponding to the resource template you want to modify.
  5. Modify the required values and click Apply Changes.
    The resource template is displayed with a new version number on the Resource Templates page.