Resource templates for CDW Private Cloud pods

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Private Cloud provides Kubernetes resource templates for Hive, Impala, Data Visualization, and Database Catalogs. You can use an available resource template or create a custom one.

When you create any CDW entity such as a Virtual Warehouse, Data Visualization instance, or Database Catalog, CDW allocates standard resources to these instances suitable for most workloads. By using custom resource templates, you can also change the resources used by the critical subcomponents of a service, such as the coordinators, executors, catalog daemons, usage monitor, and so on to pack a particular number of pods into a Kubernetes node or to create extra-large daemons to handle specific workloads.

Post-upgrade behavior

Custom pod configurations you created before upgrading from the CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.3 release to a newer release are migrated to the new resource templates as read-only settings after the upgrade. You can view the pod configurations from the Resource Templates page. You can use these as is while creating a Virtual Warehouse or modify them after creating a copy.